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Our mission is to show people that there is a life in which our bodies function most optimally every day

How can We achieve this?
‘-restoration of intestinal flora
‘-immune system strengthening

Emóció 7.84 can help with these as well
Be healthy outside/inside!
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the beneficial effects of emotion

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The product contains 94% pure live flora and also has a valuable antioxidant content, through black currant, cherry and blue grape extract. The drink consists exclusively of natural ingredients.

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We have great news! Emotion 7.84 consumption experiences from Pirner Alma! From March this year, our followers and those interested can read about the effects and application of the Emóció 7.84 live flora drink from Pirner Alma on a…
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For an intact gut flora, the Emotion 7.84!

Why is an intestinal flora important? One of the most important prerequisites for a strong immune system is an intact intestinal flora. This is because physiological intestinal bacteria have antiviral properties if they produce enzymes that…