I have been involved in performing arts for 18 years, in 2006 I also won the title of world champion in exotic dance. You always have to be in top form on stage, so I pay a attention to my appearance and diet. I have always strived for harmony, for which I use many spiritual tools. My work involves a lot of travel, where I not only focus on the performances, but always learn something new, get acquainted with new trends, trends, styles so that I can then pass on.
The idea to create a special dance studio was born 14 years ago, when I was 20 years old. At the age of 22, I founded my company and Hungary’s first exotic dance and pole dance studio. Since then, we have managed to introduce pole dance fitness and feminine dance styles in Hungary, and to achieve a lot of outstanding results, such as winning the organization of the World pole dance championship in 2011. Most Hungarian pole dancers also learned from us.

I’ve tested a brilliant product, Emóció, so I can already share with you a personal experience I’ve had so far.

First, most people have no idea what a “living flora” is, how it affects our gut, our body, our mucous membranes, and how it supports our immune system.

Many people still hold that “yeah, is it like live flour yogurt?” Whaaat?
That’s when I always hold my head, if only because the live flora as such, a “LIVING” microorganism, can not be kept in the refrigerator or in excessive heat because it dies, so the live flora yogurt is quite opinionful for me what needs to be cooled. .
On the other hand, this is the reason why many people are allergic or intolerant, bloated, have stomach aches, skin problems, constipation, diarrhea and a bad immune system, because our intestinal flora and mucous membranes, which are most responsible for the above-mentioned problems.
For me personally, my first experience, which occurred after 2 weeks, is that a lot of coffee, (which is my passion and I am not willing to give it up :-))) my frequent stomach pain is completely gone.
I eat pretty unanimously, lots of protein and vegetables, little carbs, but I never feel like it slows down my metabolism for example.
I also give it to my 2.5 year old son, and although it doesn’t taste very good, I have to apologize for it because it doesn’t contain any unnecessary flavor enhancers, sweeteners and added unnecessary stuff.
Because of this, I usually mix it into a smootie once a day, and I drink “with an escort” like some short alcohol drinks. 🙂 “

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