Prof. Dr. Gabriella Hegyi, a doctor, has been supporting the “life” of emóció 7.84 almost from the very beginning. We was lucky enough to do a separate interview with her, in which she describes the effects of emóció and what problem she uses / recommends.
Doctor’s slogan: Let’s not give years to life, but give life to years!

Professional background: Dr. Gabriella Hegyi MD. PhD. Dr. Gabriella Hegyi MD. PhD.


  • Internal Medicine Specialist,
  • Occupational health specialist,
  • family Doctor

Professional qualifications:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine,
  • Neural therapy,
  • Biophysical medical knowledge


  • Member of the Ministerial Complementary Medical Advisory Board
  • Honoris causa NM. appointed examiner: Biophysical Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Neural Therapy, soft laser topics at Hungarian medical universities
  • Board member of the International Association of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques
  • President of the Hungarian Society of Acupuncture Doctors (since 2006), delegate in an international society
  • President of the Hungarian Biophysical Medical Society
  • Member of the Public Body of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Department of Biotechnology, István Szent University, Senior Research Fellow
  • “Family Medicine Forum” c. c. page Editor-in-Chief of the Natural Remedies Annex

Teaching work:

  • St. Stephen’s University, Department of Biotechnology
  • Tang Shan Medical University (China) professor appointment
  • Semmelweis University of Medicine

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