I am Brigitta Takács Lifestyle Consultant Wellness Trainer, Aerobics and Senior Gymnastics Instructor.

Prevention is especially important to me, both in exercise and in nutrition. In my view, we need a long-term but sustainable solution, which is why I have become a committed believer in lifestyle change. It employs any solution that is natural. This is why Emotion piqued my interest. During my group and individual trainings, my organization is exhausted, I need a little support to keep up the pace all year round. Emotion not only gives an energy boost, but also perfectly replenishes vitamins and minerals.

As a regular consumer, I can say that it has restored my digestion, and I can even eat it boldly, because it does not help us to lose pounds so quickly, because during good digestion, storage will not be the first task of my body.

And, what is really convincing for a woman, my skin has become smooth, soft and acne free!

Thank you Emóció! I will continue to choose you!

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