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I’m Renáta Fodor, an amateur runner.
I met Emotion in February 2018, on the recommendation of a friend of mine. He told me a lot of positive experiences about the product, but I was pretty skeptical.
On the one hand, because I’ve never heard of the product before, and on the other hand, because I have to experience it before I can believe anything.

I knew that the drink would not work after 1-2 weeks, as the experts said. They told me that after a basic 3-month course of treatment, I would feel / experience real effects. That’s how it happened.
Around the second month, I felt I underestimated this product and it really wasn’t just a tale of the many, many wonders and positive experiences I’ve heard and read from others so far.
How did you help me?
Finally, I’m not just talking about a healthy lifestyle, I’m living in it. Without a cigarette. (Besides Emotion, somehow the cigarette didn’t fit – either in my hands or in my mentality.)
In April 2018, I started running again. Emotion was a huge help in this, because in just a few weeks I reached the level (10-12 km) I ran years ago. So I’m “hyperactive,” I was from him.
-My hair grows so fast and I have so many baby hairs that my hairdresser is also puzzled by what happened.
-My facial skin was visibly more beautiful.
-And my digestion is no longer a problem. Before that, I struggled with slow metabolism for years and there was no home practice or drug available in a pharmacy that I wouldn’t have tried. That’s why I’m most grateful for the product.

To sum up, in addition to the many positive physical effects, Emotion has also helped me learn to respect my body, value my health, and give it what it IS WORTHING! Because my body is my church and it’s up to me how I treat it! 🙂

I’m Orsi Németh-Csatlós, or as you may know on Instagram: fitmom.orsi.
I want to tell you why I became the brand ambassador for Emóció.
I am a mother of 3 children and the wife of an elite athlete. So a healthy lifestyle is especially important for us and takes place on a daily basis. I reformed our diet two years ago and emóció fits in perfectly with our way of life. I need the energy that emóció provides me perfectly with two kids. In addition, I have experienced a number of positive effects over the past month. It helps my digestion, minimizes my acid, supports my body during my pregnancy, so it has a beneficial effect on my blood counts and eczema as well.
I am sure I will remain a regular consumer of Emo and recommend it to everyone from the bottom of my heart! 🙂

Németh-Csatlós Orsi
Késmárki Enikő


I am Enikő Késmárki, a sports nutrition supplement consultant and trainer of the 115 Official Amazon functional training team.

Through my work, I meet a lot of people who have some kind of digestive problem or disorder. I also met Emóció at a time like this years ago, where in a short time it brought a very spectacular improvement in its use ! 🙂 (Click on my video to find out more)
That is why, in addition to a balanced diet, I also consider it very important to consume the right dietary supplement, for which I consider emóció to be a good choice, as it does not contain synthetic substances, dyes, flavor enhancers or preservatives. It can be easily utilized by the human body.

In today’s fast-paced world, physical and mental strain even assume the body of a healthy person and it is better to find a natural solution. I also live an extremely fast-paced life, so it is a great relief not to even have to take it with me during the day, as a portion of breakfast determines my day on its own! 🙂
Credibility is very important to me, so I am very happy to be able to add my name and face to a product that I have loved and used for many years in my work and private life!
Thank You Emóció!:)

A friend of mine suggested that I should start drinking Emotion on my stomach. Before that, my abdomen hurt a lot, cramped, stabbed, etc. Then I went to a private clinic where I was found to be sensitive to milk sugar and milk protein. I consulted with my doctor and started taking Emotion in the morning on an empty stomach in parallel with the antibiotic. In the meantime, I was also on a diet. I neglected dairy products and coffee, energy drink consumption.
I took the antibiotic for 1 month, I stopped the diet, but I have been consuming the Emóció every morning on an empty stomach. The occasional stomach pain, cramping, and stinging have disappeared. Now I dare to drink a good cappuccino, latte, but I also boldly sign up for a sour cream dish. Emóció helped me and I can only recommend it to everyone.


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